ArtRKL is an art media platform dedicated to global artists, with the mission to act as a vehicle for the public to form deeper connections with artwork. Our team is dedicated to authentic multimedia storytelling that journalistically and creatively informs our readers about the ethos behind our featured artists, galleries, and news topics.

Brand Principles

- Transparency: goal is to bridge the gap of access between high-level institutions and the public
- Artists first, art second: Artists deserve to be recognized for their work, and ArtRKL is here to promote and bring light to the creators and talent behind the work. They deserve to be heard and admired, not hidden behind big-name galleries, art dealers, and/or collectors.
- NFT Collections: Maintain the good-faith concept- giving back, artist pools, community-based, move away from the quick cash-grab and towards creating a new market in the ecosystem


​ArtRKL is on a global mission to discover the unknown and under-managed great artists of the future.​ The goal of the platform is to highlight artists as people and passionate creators as a vehicle for the public to form a deeper connection and understanding with the artwork on display, and hopefully create a fanbase of loyal supporters to the artists themselves.