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Bright colors, abstract shapes, and strong lines are key components of the Romero Britto Fine Art Gallery located in the heart of Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. This flagship gallery has been the home of the artist Romero Britto as he’s taken the world by storm with his stunning and appealing visuals. His art has been made into sculptures, phone cases, paintings, and graffiti.

The gallery has been a staple among the art culture in the warm and sunny streets of Miami since it was founded in 1993. Romero Britto and his art, in many ways, became the face behind what Miami stands for—high energy, international demographics, and divinely executed movements. The mission of both the gallery and the artist has been to evoke feelings of love and describe the language of pleasure and contentment.

This energetic mission is prevalent throughout his work, and this can particularly be seen in his piece, Wild Brain—one of his most sought out pieces. His telling dark brushstrokes juxtaposed with the radiant colors and the key subject of the art, the heart, all come together to represent a theme of jovial elation. Color blocking is an essential piece of Britto's work, which can be likened to puzzle pieces that innately fit together. His subjects often include animated subjects, such as emotive animals, human figures, floral patterns, and most significantly, the heart. The Brazilian painter, sculptor, and serigrapher found fame in his unique visual expression, as he is known for using an expressive color palette and unusual patterns to stylistically marry cubism, pop, and street art. All of his art can be found in rotating expositions in his eclectic gallery.

Over the course of Romero Britto’s long and successful career as an artist, his work has been featured in not only his own gallery, but in many other reputable established galleries as well. He has had the chance to participate as an artist in global events like the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa and the Super Bowl XLI, and his art has been purchased by renown artists like Sir Elton John, Anna Wintour, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Leonardo DiCaprio. To this day, Romero Britto is considered to be the most licensed artist in art history, making his Brazilian roots proud.

Collaborations with reputable brands like Disney and Hasbro have ensured that Britto’s name is well known, and most importantly that everyone can tell he is the author of his art, as everyone can recognize his art no matter where in the world it might be located.

Apart from being a phenomenal artist, Romero Britto has also founded the Happy Art Movement. This movement was founded a year before the flagship gallery opened with the mission to evoke feelings of love, pride, and optimism around the globe with his effervescent work. His art continues to inspire many others to create pieces that showcase the beauty of all that shines in the world, specifically in the city of Miami. Through his paintings, Britto commemorates his mission in life as he calls, “the happy life.” His goal with the gallery, with his brand, and his art is to celebrate happiness and to make sure that viewers like the ones the gallery receives leave feeling with a sense of pure elation.

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