To all returning readers, welcome back. To new visitors, welcome! I am Rebecca Katherine Levenson, the Founder and Publisher of ArtRKL. Since my last letter, we have begun publishing three stories each week and we’re working to release many more soon.

Our fabulous team of writers has been working hard to pitch and execute unique stories surrounding controversy and stimulate impactful conversations through the lens of art. One question I receive frequently is “what kind of art do you cover?” My answer is simple: all kinds.

Once we open our eyes to the way various mediums connect to specific time frames, religions, social constructs, political unrest, or as rebellion, we learn. Art is an inexhaustible learning tool, and we hope to do what we do best with our writing and conceptuality to enable our readers to become knowledgeable in new areas and connect with artists we highlight through interviews and well-researched articles.

With a plethora of world-impacting current events, you will continue to see our writers working on research-based stories. ArtRKL is dedicated to the health, happiness, and safety of all, and through our writing and stories, we aim to educate and report on world events through the lens of limitless art forms.

I am thrilled for you all to read our upcoming stories and hope you have enjoyed our latest releases.

Thank you for reading,

Rebecca Katherine Levenson

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